nkcp nattokinaseNKCP® Nattokinase

Purified Filtrate of Bacillus Subtilis Natto Culture - the safe blood flow supplement

NATTO is a traditional Japanese food of fermented soybeans that has been eaten for many centuries. It is believed to be a health-giving delicacy and has an "acquired" taste and smell. New scientific research has discovered why natto is so good for health — the Bacillus subtilis natto (the good bacteria that form during the fermentation process) produce functional proteins (including nattokinase) which naturally and safely help the body to maintain optimum blood viscosity. Natto is, therefore, an important food for those wishing to help reduce the risk of thrombosis (blood clots) — a central factor in heart disease and strokes, two of the biggest killers in Western society today, and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a concern for those taking long haul airplane journeys. This is of particular interest for those wanting a safe, non-drug, Aspirin alternative for healthy blood flow.

The problem with eating natto is fourfold: the taste, smell and texture is unpleasant; it can contain large amounts of Vitamin K2 which interferes with medicines such as warfarin; activity can vary greatly from brand to brand; and this food is not widely available outside Japan. But now Daiwa Pharmaceutical has produced natto NKCP nattokinase — a standardized extract of natto bacillus culture (Bacillopeptidase F) in small odorless tablets with the vitamin K2 largely removed — so now everyone can enjoy the benefits of natto!

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