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Answers to frequently asked questions on natto NKCP

Who first isolated the active component of natto?

The main active component of the food natto is an enzyme that was first isolated and identified by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in 1980, a researcher at the Japan Ministry of Education. Dr Sumi named this enzyme "nattokinase", commenting at the time that it showed "a potency matched by no other enzyme." NKCP is a high quality proprietary extract of natto that contains a high concentration of nattokinase.

Is NKCP a medicine?

NKCP has no direct effect on blood viscosity. What it actually does is help increase the efficiency of the body's own control mechanism. By doing this, if blood viscosity is too high, the body is able to naturally reduce it. It does not interfere with normal blood coagulation.

Why use NKCP for maintaining optimum blood flow when I can use aspirin which is much cheaper?

Aspirin is an over-the-counter medicine that has a direct effect on blood coagulation. Affecting body physiology directly like that can be problematic. For example, although the there are health benefits from aspirin use (and you must follow your doctor's advice) it should not be forgotten that aspirin is a strong medicine and that, although it is overall a relatively safe medicine considering how much has been taken around the world, long-term use has been linked to pancreatic cancer, gastrointestinal irritation, stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers (caused by bacteria), allergic hypersensitivity in asthmatics, brain haemorrhage and inflammation (Reye's syndrome). NKCP is not a medicine and does not have a medicinal action; what it does is helps the body to control its own blood viscosity. This is why it does not affect blood coagulation and can safely be taken, even long-term, without increasing the risk of haemorrhage. It can also be taken in conjunction with anti-coagulants such as Warfarin, although you are always advised to clear any food supplement with your doctor if you are on medication or have a specific medical condition.

How safe is NKCP to take?

NKCP is an extremely safe natural health supplement with no reported contra-indications or side-effects, even in large amounts over long periods of time. If you are on medication, however, you should always check with your doctor before adding any food supplement to your diet.

If I am taking NKCP to help with circulation during a long haul plane flight, how soon before should I start taking it?

NKCP needs to be taken at least 8 hours before a flight for it to be effective. Ideally, a person should start taking a daily dose a few days before.

Can NKCP help those with high blood pressure?

There are many reasons for high blood pressure and these should be explored with your doctor. That said, Dr. Maeda at Daiwa Pharmaceutical has stated that improved blood flow in peripheral vascular regions could help lower high blood pressure. In fact, in a Japanese NKCP clinical trail on humans, one subject with high blood pressure had it lowered. So it is certainly worth a try but also check with your doctor.

Can NKCP help patients with carotid artery stenosis?

Carotid artery stenosis is a disease causing atherosclerosis in the carotid artery, in which the carotid artery becomes narrower. Progressive hardening of the arteries may result in the clot formation in the artery. These clots sometimes cause stroke or myocardial infarction. We have no clinical data about the effect of NKCP on the patients with carotid arterystenosis. However, NKCP has been shown to be effective in inhibiting thrombus formation (prolongation of APTT and PT) and in promoting thrombolysis in animal experiments. Also, a clinical study reported that NKCP enhanced fibrinolytic activity by reducing the Euglobulin Lysis time (ELT). In addition, several studies reported NKCP improved stiff shoulders and other symptoms by improving the blood flow, and lowered the blood pressure. Based on these studies, we recommend the patient take NKCP, since this product is considered to be beneficial in carotid artery stenosis.

Is NKCP suitable for vegetarians?

NKCP is vegetarian although, because it contains shellac wax as a tablet coating, it is not be suitable for vegans. (Shellac is classified as vegetarian by The Vegetarian Society in the United Kingdom.)

How should NKCP be taken?

It is recommended to take 2 to 4 x 125mg tablets once a day after the evening meal.

Why is this product tested on animals?

It is always regrettable to cause suffering, but it must not be forgotten that it is a legal requirement for new food extracts such as this one to be exhaustively tested, and that includes animals studies. All food supplements components and ingredients on the market today have at one time or another been required to go through this sort of testing, although if such testing was undertaken far enough back in time, or if a new product is merely a recombination of established tested ingredients, then a particular brand can state that it has not been tested on animals. Being an innovative food extract, this testing is highlighted with NKCP.


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