Safety data on natto NKCP

There are currently no reported safety issues or contraindications with NKCP Nattokinase. Being an extract from a traditional food, this product is very safe to take. We do advise, however, that if you have a specific medical problem or if you are taking prescription medications (especially medication relating to thrombosis or blood circulation), you consult your doctor before taking NKCP nattokinase. Over 14 safety studies have been carried out with NKCP, all of which show absolutely no safety problems or toxicity. Eight of these studies are summarized below:

1. Mutagenicity Negative
2. Acute toxicity (rat) LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg
3. Subacute toxicity (rat) Non-toxic-effect dose > 1,325 mg/kg body weight/day male
Non-toxic-effect dose > 1,541 mg/kg body weight/day female
4. Antigenicity (guinea pig) None (subcutaneous, intravenous)
5. Excess intake (rat) Rat models of prolonged coagulation given five times the normal dose through the duodenum showed no bleeding, and NKCP induced no remarkable symptoms in the coagulation system.
6. Prolongation of bleeding time (rat) An oral dose of a maximum 300 mg/kg body weight had no effect on the prolongation of the bleeding time.
7. Long-term intake in humans: Eight healthy adults were given 750 mg of NKCP daily for 6 weeks and no clinical adverse effects were observed.
8. Excess intake in humans 23 healthy adults were given 1,250 mg of NKCP daily for 7 days and no clinical adverse effects were observed.



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