Spec data on natto NKCP

There are currently no reported safety issues or contraindications with NKCP Nattokinase. Being an extract from a traditional food, this product is very safe to take. We do advise, however, that if you have a specific medical problem or if you are taking prescription medications (especially medication relating to thrombosis or blood circulation), you consult your doctor before taking NKCP nattokinase. Over 14 safety studies have been carried out with NKCP, all of which show absolutely no safety problems or toxicity. Eight of these studies are summarized below:

Appearance Light yellow powder
Odor No odor or slight fermented odor
Genetically modified ingredients none
Moisture 8% or less
Arsenic 1ppm or less
Heavy Metal 10ppm or less
Aerobic Plate Count 3000FU/g or less
Coliform Bacteria Negative
Protein Produced by B. subtilis natto 90mg/kg or more
Vitmain K2 Content Negligible
Function Protein Stability ph 6.0 - 9.0 / <60°C
B. subtilis natto cell content removed / none
Activity Nattokinase activity was measured by reference to the plasmin substrate (H-D-Val-Leu-Lys-pNA). The activity of 1g is 10 units.
Standard Dose 250-500mg (2-4 tablets) /day
Tablet Ingredients Proprietary extract of Natto Bacilli Culture, microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent), resistant dextrin (bulking agent), sucrose esters of fatty acids (emulsifier), silicon dioxide (anticaking agent), shellac (tablet coating). These excipients are completely and are necessary to make the NKCP into tablets.



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