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NKCP Nattokinase is a standardized extract of Bacillus Subtilis Natto Culture, a good bacteria found in the traditional Japanese delicacy called natto — fermented soybeans. The vitamin K2 content is also largely removed so that NKCP is compatible with anticoagulant medications such as Warfarin. NKCP tablets are odourless, easy to swallow, and contain no genetically modified ingredients.



NKCP Nattokinase was developed and is manufactured by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in Japan, a small and innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to producing natural food extracts and supplements for health and well being. Daiwa Pharmaceutical is renowned for being the developer and manufacturer of immune system supplement BioBran MGN-3.



There a a number of enzymes that have been identified by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in NKCP natto extract, including Nattokinase, which have been shown to inactivate an unhealthy enzyme in the blood called plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1), which increases as we get older. By helping to reduce PAI-1, NKCP greatly increases the efficiency of our body's natural control mechanisms for blood viscosity. The breakthrough with NKCP is that it has no medicinal effect — it does not directly act upon blood viscosity and does not directly dissolve blood clots. Rather, NKCP merely increases the efficiency of the body's own blood-control mechanisms. This means that this natural food supplement does not adversely affect blood coagulation — something that can happen using medicinal blood thinners such as aspirin.



NKCP Nattokinase safety has been confirmed by extensive testing, including independent safety examinations concerning acute toxicity, sub acute toxicity, mutagenicity, antigenicity and overdose. However, as with any food supplement, if you have a specific medical condition or are taking medication (especially relating to thrombosis or blood circulation), you are advised to consult with your doctor before taking NKCP Nattokinase.


Standard Dose

Base on evaluation of effectiveness and overdose tests on human, 250-500mg of NKCP (2-4 tablets) is recommended as the standard dose per day, taken after the evening meal.


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